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About Us

Apex Talent Group LLC is a licensed and bonded CA talent agency that also provides personal management services. Driven by a burning desire and passion for the entertainment industry, Richard and Emily Makarewicz founded Apex Talent Group in 2011. ATG represents actors and performers worldwide in the areas of motion pictures, legitimate stage, television, musical theatre, print, radio broadcasting, personal appearances, concerts, shows, voice overs, commercials, music festivals, tours, and other fields of entertainment.  We pride ourselves on giving our clients the personal attention they deserve. ATG is committed to offering top notch career advice and counseling while also submitting and pitching our clients to casting directors, producers, promoters, venues, industry executives, and promoting our clients on our social media platforms. In addition, we brand and expand our clients'‚Äč fan base and help market their careers across the country. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding for the direction our clients want to pursue in their careers. At Apex, our clients come first. We pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve their goals and pave their individual paths in the entertainment industry.