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Just booked a role on BLUE BLOODS, and a supporting role in the film MANHATTAN NIGHT.

Edie Youmans

ATG’s Kids Department works with children ages 3 - 12 years old focusing on TV, Film, Commercials, Voice Over and Print. Our clients include Nev Scharrel (voice of Agnes in DESPICABLE ME 3), Thomas Bair (Supporting role of Tommy - opposite Adrien Brody in MANHATTAN NIGHT), Edie Jane Youmans (Recurring on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!), Salma Salinas (Recurring as Angela Cruz on Netflix’s hit TV Series THE GET DOWN) and many more.

Apex Talent Group also shares youth clients with some of the most prestigious talent agencies in the industry including: Osbrink, Clear Talent Group, CESD, Abrams, AEFH, Mavrick, Savage, Commercial Talent, People Store, and J Pervis.

To be considered for of Kids Department, please submit your child’s picture, resume and reel to submissions@apextalentgroup.com.

kids (3-12 years old)

Just booked a National Network Amazon Echo commercial and a recurring role in an animated TV Series.

Thomas Bair

The voice of Agnes in DESPICABLE ME 3. The US box office gross has reached over $250 million, and the world wide gross is over $1 billion! Nev also booked National commercials for HONDA and COMCAST. Nev has also recurred on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!

Kai Murata

Just booked a National Network Lexus commercial, and commercials for BANK OF AMERICA and NETFLIX.

Kai'den Zaire

Ayla Shelby

Nev Scharrel

Just booked a nice role on TEACHERS, and a National Network University of Phoenix commercial.

Booked National Network commericals for AMAZON ECHO and HONDA, and a TOYS R US commerical featuring Benjamin Flores Jr from Nickelodeon's GAME SHAKERS.  Edie also recurs on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!