Edie Youmans

Angel Labosette

Just worked on a music video for Jena Rose.

Roman Coto

Won Best Child Actress in THE LETTER at the Oniros Film Awards. 

Just booked a National commercial for Hormel Salsa, recurred on NICKY, RICKY, DICKY & DAWN, and recently appeared on I LOVE AMERICA and THE JIM JERRERIES SHOW.

Recently on LITTLE BIG SHOTS as a Dinosaur expert! Watch now!

Nev Scharrel

Just booked a nice role on LETHAL WEAPON, and a Mattel Toy Commercial.

ATG’s Kids Department works with children ages 6 - 12 years old focusing on TV, Film, Commercials, Voice Over and Print. Our clients include Nev Scharrel (voice of Agnes in DESPICABLE ME 3), Edie Jane Youmans (Recurring on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!), and Roman Coto (Recurred on NICKY, RICKY, DICKY & DAWN) many more.

To be considered for of Kids Department, please submit your child’s picture, resume and reel to submissions (at) apextalentgroup.com.

kids (6-12 years old)

Just booked a National Network Amazon Echo commercial.

Just booked a National Network Lexus commercial, and commercials for BANK OF AMERICA and NETFLIX.

Ayla Shelby

Isla Stanford

Recurring on 9-1-1 and the voice of Agnes in DESPICABLE ME 3. The US box office gross has reached over $250 million, and the world wide gross is over $1 billion! Nev also booked National commercials for HONDA and COMCAST. Nev has also recurred on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!

Apex Talent Group LLC


Leo Etemadi

Xochitl Gomez-Deines

Booked National Network commericals for COMCAST (Campaign), AMAZON ECHO and HONDA, and a TOYS R US commerical featuring Benjamin Flores Jr from Nickelodeon's GAME SHAKERS.  Edie also recurs on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!

Kai Murata