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From Juilliard to EDM

Genre: Bass Music / Dubstep

​Based: Hollywood, CA

Artist Bio

Handmaid, formerly Veronika River, is quickly making a name for herself in the Los Angeles underground EDM scene. Her unique style of Dubstep infused with Rock and Bass music is cementing her trademark sound and high energy DJ sets. HM is a Juilliard graduate and classically trained musician. Her journey to this point has been exciting, varied and also surprising. She never knew her musical style would turn to the world of electronics after touring the country and Europe in a classical trio as a flutist, performing with world-class orchestras and famous artists/bands such as Jethro Tull, and then later making many EDM recordings as a singer. Handmaid decided to start producing electronic music and DJing in the fall of 2018 after multiple DJ/Producer collaborators suggested she give it a try. Her genre-bending style is already receiving recognition from top DJs around the world on Instagram in an extremely male dominated industry. Within 10 months – she was nominated by DJane Mag for top 100 DJanes of 2018 and 2019. HM just completed producing her debut EP using Ableton Live– out now on SoundCloud under her previous artist name, Veronika River. Listen here. She also plans to integrate performing live on the flute in her upcoming DJ shows.It will be a completely authentic experience, utilizing her broad experience in classical, jazz, and rock to both improvise and perform along with original tracks and remixes. Veronika's brand and story inspires females of all ages to pursue your dreams even if women are not typically at the center of that industry. She spreads the message to never give up and believe in yourself above all else.